ML Mostly Padron

Padrons Psyche × HS Mostly
2001 Chestnut Stallion

In the early 1980's Arabian type was redefined by the elegant imported Arabian stallion, *Padron. A fiery chestnut with a beautiful face. High tall carriage and an entrance that stopped shows. *Padron left spectators breathless and begging for more. *Padron got me into the Arabian horse business" says Ted Carson, trainer at Butler Farms. "I grew up a short distance from where he was standing about twenty years ago. AS I grew interested in Arabians horses, he quickly became my ideal- my fantasy Arabians." Little wonder then that Ted is so enthusiastic about *Padron's young look-alike grandson, ML Mostly Padron.

"It's not just his color, markings and type that make him so much like his grandsire," Ted says. "His attitude, carriage, mannerisms and stunning charisma bring back sharp memories of *Padron being named National Champion Stallion in 1982. Did you know that mostly Padron was Champion at Scottsdale exactly twenty years after *Padron?" Mostly Padron is a double *Padron grandson. Sired by the Reserve US National Champion Stallion and leading halter sire, Padrons Psyche. Mostly Padron is line-bred to the great Russian Arabians, Arax and Aswan, with a tail female line to the incomparable Mammona, considered by many to be the greatest Russian Arabian mare of all time. Mostly Padron's dam, HL Mostly, was a halter champion in  her day. Like Padrons Psyche, her bloodlines are a smooth blend of Russian and Crabbet breeding, featuring extreme type, fluid athletic motion and a uniquely dynamic Arabian charisma. With so much type and character in this pedigree. Mostly Padron's first trips to the show ring were bound to be spectacular. And so they were. As a yearling he made his initial appearance at the 2002 Scottsdale Show where he was named Junior Champion. He went on to a Top Ten at the US Nationals Championships in the Yearling Breeders Sweepstakes in the fall. That winter, Mostly Padron went back home to Butler Farms in North Carolina, and hasn't set hoof in the show ring since. "We believe Mostly Padron is the next great stallion for the Arabian Breed," says Francis Butler, a Mostly Padron Syndicate member. "So, it's been very important to us that he make all of the right moves at the right times. Our plans are to reintroduce him to everyone as a four-year-old in 2005, at the Scottsdale Show where he made such an impression as a yearling. His first foals, due this spring, will be able to attend the show with their sire. People will have the opportunity to see the stallion and his first offspring at presentations and in the show ring."

Bred to a variety of mares in 2003, and set to be bred to another varied group of beauties in 2004. Mostly Padron will have quite an opportunity to show breeders what he can do as a sire. Crossed with some of the best bloodlines of the day - *Bask, Falcon BHF, *Psymadre, *Khadraj NA, Mareekh Amir and others, Mostly Padron is being groomed for stardom as a sire, as well as a show horse.

"Our hope is that he will be a National Champion Stallion and a leading sire some day." Frances admits. "He's an original entry in the Scottsdale Signature Stallion program as well as the Minnesota Medallion Stallion. We have carefully bred him to a cross section of bloodlines, including Egyptian and Polish mares. We've purchased some mares especially for him , and we've worked hard to bring him both the bloodlines and the individuals type and quality necessary to compliment his strengths and character."

"I think he's going to be the next great juvenile sire," says Ted. He's 15.1 hands now and behaves more like his grandsire everyday. When we show him to visitors, people just fall in love. He makes converts for the Arabian horse, just like *Padron once did. Bringing him to Scottsdale in 2005 is a moment I've been waiting for since I first started showing Arabians. Here's a horse that honestly could model for the ideal Arabian horse, an Arabian for Europe, for the Americans, for the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. Fore our time and for all time to come."



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